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Day 5


I’m picking up the crib mattress tomorrow! My daughter will be so pleased!

It will be such a relief to have her crib fixed! Now to the washer and dryer! I can’t wait to be able to just relax with the Family while doing laundry. :D

Day 1

Got a little ambitious and started looking for someone to help fix the washer and dryer. Trying to offer a meal like we used to do down south for friends willing to help out. Sent e-mails to Mr. Fix Its asking for assistance. Still crossing my fingers. Got my TWO goals for this week. WHOOP WHOOP.

Day 1 

Day 1 of my social experiment begins.

I’m setting out to find a crib mattress to replace the one ruined by the dog I fostered. No good deed goes unpunished! LOL. I was looking to sell her crib to buy a toddler bed. SURPRISE!  The crib transforms! We will see if anyone is in a generous mood! 

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